Good Day,

My name is Pierre Ranger and I am the chairman of the Let’s Remember Adam, STOP FOR THE SCHOOL BUS campaign, and also one of Adam’s older brothers. You have probably read how the campaign was started and how it grew into what it is today. Up until a year about a year ago, the campaign was ran by some amazing volunteers for the past 10 years, all of who only knew Adam through our stories and memories. In September of 2014, as I was getting ready for my oldest daughter to start her first day of school and her first time on a school bus, I decided to reach out to the local media and make sure that no one had forgotten Adam’s message. This caught the attention of the group running Adam’s campaign and they approached me to see if my family and I were willing to take over the campaign and continuing to spread Adam’s safety message. A task I was more than willing to accept. With the new committee taking over, we are now breathing new life into the campaign and trying to spread Adam’s message farther than before. Some of the changes we have implemented are the updating and re-launching of the website, we have added a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page, an Instagram account (lets_remember_adam) and a Twitter Feed (@STOPFORTHEBUS). We also have a new email address [email protected] and committee members in other locations such as Eastern Ontario (Pembroke area), as well as a French spokesperson.

Adam was a great child and an amazing brother.  He was full of life and had a very wise soul; we always said he was wise beyond his years. He loved to play dress up and had an amazing imagination. People often asked me “What kind of a man do you think Adam would be today?” and the only answer I can think of is “A GREAT MAN!” My brother was taken well before his time and he is loved and missed every day. He will never get to meet his 2 nieces or watch them grow into beautiful women, and they will never get to know their Uncle Adam. However, I am a firm believer that if something bad happens something good must come from it! The Let’s Remember Adam campaign is the good that has come from my brother’s death. If we can save just one child, one family from going through what my family and I have went through and continue to go through, then this campaign will be worth it. Part of our slogan is STOP FOR THE BUS but we also want people to remember that not all children ride the school bus, many children walk to and from school every day. So let’s all pay extra attention during school times to make sure all children get home safe and sound, that no one as to go with out their son or daughter, brother or sister.

If you would like more information on the Let’s Remember Adam, STOP FOR THE SCHOOL BUS campaign please feel free to contact myself though the Let’s Remember Adam email address.

Kind Regards,
Pierre Ranger