(North Bay, ON)

The “Lets Remember Adam” Committee is pleased to announce that there are now over 30 billboards of various sizes spread across the North Eastern part of Ontario.

These billboards go from Timmins in the North to Parry Sound in the South and from S.S. Marie in the West to Mattawa in the East.

The initial launch saw 8 billboards erected between Mattawa and North Bay along Highway # 17 in August of 2005. These billboards remind us that we must stop for the red flashing lights of the school bus in order to avert another tragedy that the Ranger family experienced in 2000.

Through the unwavering commitment of 20 plus businesses and groups over the past few years there are now over 30 billboards erected alongside highways and roadways to remind us every time we drive that our future is our children and that over 800,000 children ride a school bus each day in Ontario.

Bumper stickers and decals have also adorned public service vehicles, ambulances, school buses, as well as private personal vehicles. These individuals in their travels are continuing to spread the message from coast to coast that school bus safety is a paramount concern for all of us as we “Let’s Remember Adam – Stop for the School Bus”.

S/Sgt. R.C.W. McDonald

on behalf

Let’s Remember Adam Committee